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  • Company: Beauty Bakerie What sparked our interest: This post is an epic example of great marketing that uses a customer quote to show that ordering direct from the company is an experience rather than just a transaction. Beauty Bakerie creates the ultimate curated experience for their consumers starting with a thoughtful beautiful website that guidesContinue reading →

  • Company: Fuzzed up Bear What sparked our interest: In these unprecedented times, we are searching for the right message that brings us all together as one community vs a message that separates us even further. Supporting the Black Lives Matter movement isn’t about what t-shirt you wear or what march you attended. It’s not aboutContinue reading →

  • Company: CBA – Chicago Bagel Authority What sparked our interest: Protecting patrons and employees is job number one for any business owner in this day and age. The CBA team keeps their marketing content as fresh as their steamwiches with this video on the new pickup process.

  • Company: OLD BAY What sparked our interest: Growing up on the East Coast, I know that you can take the girl out of Maryland but you can never keep the OLD BAY out of her spice rack. For the ultimate OLD BAY lover, a Zoom virtual background will be sure to add the spice toContinue reading →

  • Company: Piece Pizzeria & Brewery What sparked our interest: We love our Chicago pizza! Piece is one of our favorites and we were heartbroken to see them close for a few weeks during this crazy period in time. (Don’t worry. They have reopened and their marketing is on point!)   Piece sparked our interest withContinue reading →

  • Company: Boston Proper What sparked our interest: In honor of Mother’s Day, we picked this gem from Boston Proper. Not only did we start our day with a good chuckle, this is an incredibly relatable post that sparked engagement with fans. What we love:  On the day where we are celebrating moms, step-moms, and motherContinue reading →