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4 Steps Maximize Your Rockstar Marketing Team – Even If It’s Smaller Than You’d Like It To Be

Featured on The Wicked Smart Webinar

Episode 164: Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle with Rachel & Jon Minion of Rockstarr & Moon

Featured on The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Simple Ways to Instantly Turn Around a Stressful Day

Featured in Thrive Global 

“We all have a favorite song that can take us from feeling miserable into a state of euphoria. With music comes movement and through movement, we reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. To shift the mood during stressful times, I use a ‘walk-on’ song that transforms that moment from blah to epic in just a few seconds. I press play on Rihanna’s Rockstar 101 and within seconds I will be out of my seat, dancing and singing. The day instantly transforms and I can get back to whatever I was working on without feeling stressed.” 

—Rachel Minion, head rockstarr

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