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“Marketing Champions” with Rachel Minion from Rockstarr & Moon

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4 Steps Maximize Your Rockstar Marketing Team – Even If It’s Smaller Than You’d Like It To Be

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Why Everyone Needs a Side Hustle with Rachel & Jon Minion of Rockstarr & Moon

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4 Ways to Fight Imposter Syndrome Through Marketing

Featured on DigitalMarketer

Many of us struggle with self-doubt. It feels like no matter what you do or how much effort you put in, it could all be for nothing because one day someone will realize you don’t have the necessary knowledge or expertise.

This is called imposter syndrome – an internal voice constantly reminding you that you are not good enough, smart enough or worthy enough to achieve anything worth achieving.

As a marketer, you have the tools you need to transform the bad days where you doubt your abilities into your best days. As Robin Arzon puts it, “we have already made it through 100 percent of our bad days, and knowing that should fill us all with such a confidence that we will be able to face anything straight in the eye.”

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Simple Ways to Instantly Turn Around a Stressful Day

Featured in Thrive Global 

“We all have a favorite song that can take us from feeling miserable into a state of euphoria. With music comes movement and through movement, we reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure. To shift the mood during stressful times, I use a ‘walk-on’ song that transforms that moment from blah to epic in just a few seconds. I press play on Rihanna’s Rockstar 101 and within seconds I will be out of my seat, dancing and singing. The day instantly transforms and I can get back to whatever I was working on without feeling stressed.” 

—Rachel Minion, head rockstarr

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