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Meet The Rockstarr Leadership Team

Rachel Minion Headshot

Rachel Minion

Head Rockstarr

Our founder, Rachel is well-accomplished in the world of marketing. As a trained marketer, product marketer and researcher, she has the experience and gumption to put the right pieces in place to help your business thrive.

Jon Minion Headshot

Jon Minion

Executive Producer

Jon is an established guru in the world of product management and innovation. He brings to the table unique solutions to the toughest marketing and technology challenges.

Big Minion Headshot

Big (aka Biggie) Minion

The Protégé

Big is the newest edition to the Rockstarr team. He brings an ever-present optimism to all challenges. He keeps the team focused and gets the show on the road.

Major Minion Headshot

Major Minion


Major comes to Rockstarr as an Army brat. He’s moved all over the country and found his way into Rockstarr HQ. Well versed in the art of barks and wags, this rockstarr will make sure no one gets backstage without a pass. 

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Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager

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Marketing Manager


Marketing Manager


Business Development

Giving Back

Meet Beyond Basic Needs. We Provide Hope to Those In Need.

A personal message from Rachel Minion, Head Rockstarr and co-founder of Beyond Basic Needs.

I was diagnosed with Appendix Cancer in my mid-thirties. When you receive a cancer diagnosis, your life changes in ways only a cancer warrior can describe. Not only did it change for me, but for my entire support network.

The last thing I ever expected was a cancer diagnosis only a few months after we were married and had just moved to a new city with no family or friends in town. I felt isolated, unable to focus on basic needs like getting dinner on the table or walking the dogs.

The minute I shared my diagnosis and pending surgeries with my network, everyone wanted to help by sending in dinner, helping bring in cleaning services, and securing dog walkers for our three monsters. While I wanted to be able to allow everyone to help, project managing and coordinating all of the offers was too much for me. I didn’t know the area, so we didn’t have favorite restaurants, a cleaning service, or even dog walkers. Each of my family and friends felt helpless when I turned them down. It was personally too much for me to handle on top of preparing for the upcoming surgeries.

After I recovered, I dedicated my life to helping other cancer warriors and friends in my support network. I would help project manage the basic needs so they could focus on the important things in life and their recoveries and readjustment to life.

While insurance covers the cost of some/most hospital treatments or medical visits, basic needs are not covered. As a global support network, we want to be able to help our friends and family after a medical event, but we aren’t normally living in the same area. The challenge is much larger for those of us whose support network is not local.

In our attempt to change the world, my husband and I created a non-profit to fill the void. Whether it’s a life-changing diagnosis or an incredible experience of joy with having a baby, we want to help our community thrive.

For Cancer Warriors undergoing chemotherapy, we provide Chemo Care Kits. We believe these kits inspire, uplift, and help our community thrive during this challenging time. 100% of all donations to Beyond Basic Needs goes to fulfilling these kits at no cost to the recipient.

In addition, we connect those in need to the technology that makes it easy to manage and get help for basic services including food delivery, cleaning services, transportation services and other basic needs at no charge to the individual.

We believe these services are imperative to improving the quality of life.

Together, we can.

Beyond Basic Needs Chemo Care Kit