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The Rockstarr Biz Bootcamp is the premier self-paced course built for aspiring business owners, like you! Launch your business, get sales and create your own future wealth.

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ELITE is a yearlong coaching program for ambitious marketers & business owners who want to increase revenue, decrease doubt, and accelerate their growth.

We Deliver Encore-Worthy Results

527% increase in conversions

Verizon Wireless

Achieved through implementing personalization with dynamic content.
208% increase in ticket sales


Optimized the display of information in the sales funnel.
150% increase in opportunities


Achieved through implementing a content strategy based on thought leadership.
$2.5M increase in ticket sales


Achieved through implementing a targeted holiday communication to fans.

Growing a business is tough

Most businesses struggle trying to create a plan for growth. In fact, less than 50% of businesses create a plan.

Without a solid plan, it is easy to become overwhelmed with a set of tools and tactics. You’ve probably had everyone and their mother recommend something new for you to try.

You get started, see a little growth (maybe) and then the next suggestion comes your way. It’s easy to get stuck in an endless cycle of doing.

Truth is, you may not have the right strategies in place to make your business succeed.

Is your team overwhelmed with priorities?

Most small and medium companies know that their marketing department can’t do it all (if they have a marketing department in the first place). They have strong yet small, scrappy teams who are trying to balance and deliver upon at least 25 top priorities at once.

At Rockstarr & Moon, we are marketing rockstarrs who partner with your marketing team to help them get back to business. From strategy through execution, we are an extension of your marketing team and as so, we get up to speed immediately and start delivering results faster than you can bring on a new hire.


It’s our core belief that every business deserves Rockstarr Marketing.


We empower aspiring rockstarr business owners to SUCCESSFULLY START, BUILD, AND GROW their business so that they can create the lives they’ve dreamed of for themselves, their families, and their communities.


As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, we’re proud to share in the DigitalMarketer MISSION to DOUBLE the size of 10,000 businesses in the next 5 years.

Ready to take the main stage?

At Rockstarr & Moon, we are marketing rockstarrs who partner with your marketing team to help them get back to business. From strategy through execution, we are an extension of your marketing team and as so, we get up to speed immediately and start delivering results faster than you can bring on a new hire.

We are the small business partner who can help you develop a plan, advise on tactics, provide playbooks for overcoming challenges, document the journey and most importantly, help you define which metrics matter.

Let’s chat about how we can help your business maximize it’s impact.

Hear It From Our Clients

Rockstarr & Moon provided me a completely unique and personalized approach to get my new business launched. They took time understanding my needs and desires and tailored an appropriate launch package. The follow up support has been second to none.
Josh Stakun

Founder & CEO, Final Filter

Great company with great service. They’ve really helped my companies grow and succeed. Would highly recommend!

Chris Westerlund

CEO, West Property Management

Personalized experiences that help clients reach goals! Rockstarr & Moon cares about the work they do and it shows! Along with that caring comes vast knowledge, experience and expertise. They are the real deal!

Christy Renzulli

Sr. Director, Client Success, Ticketmaster

Everyone is more than helpful. They were able to answer any questions before I can even ask! Response time is like no other. They are live savers! Working with them is easy and seamless. Simply the best!

Terri Westerlund

Associate Broker, The Westerlund Group

The team at Rockstarr & Moon helped me to clarify my marketing vision and define my brand. The insight and probing questions helped to get me thinking about myself and my brand in a way that I had not done before. Having them as part of my village of subject matter experts is extremely valuable
Noel Garcia

Founder & CEO, NG Distillery

I highly recommend Rachel and her team at Rockstarr & Moon. Professional, quick response time, and exceptional customer service!
Charlotte Feliciano

Founder & CEO, Parlor Beauty Bar

If you want to take your business to the next level you need to contact Rachel at Rockstarr & Moon. She was instrumental in helping me take Chillax Science from a hobby to a formal business. She is gentle, patient, caring, and savvy in all things business. Definitely recommend!
Reizelie Barreto

Founder & CEO, Chillax Science

I really value my experience working with Rachel at Rockstarr & Moon. She helped guide me through setting up my start-up and also helped me produce a logo and deck that I love! I look forward to continuing our partnership!
Jana Johnson

Co-Founder, Heroic Live

Working with Rockstarr & Moon has been amazing. They are extremely knowledgeable and have built a working strategy for my business that I didn’t see possible. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them. Business is booming!

Liam Watkins

Founder & CEO, El Gringo Hot Sauce

Working with Rockstarr & Moon was effortless. Their work was impeccable. I highly recommend them for creative ways to market.
Angelique Clemens

Author, Can I Borrow Your Skin?

I love the work and dedication they give to their clients. They helped me create a web page for my company and walked me through it. It turned out beautifully. They are Rockstars in my book! Company named appropriately.
Dawn Holter

Founder & CEO, Surefire Virtual Assistants

Amazing to work with! Made my logo come to life with my ideas which were all over the place, but the end product was more than I could ask for. Love it and it has stepped up my branding and visibility tremendously!
Kimberly Dennis

Owner, Kimberly Dennis Real Estate

When looking for a marketing agency, it’s easy to get lost in the google search results. We found ourselves working with Rockstarr & Moon after we realized we were in dire need of some marketing help. We got that and then some. We were able to see immediate results and Rachel & Jon couldn’t have made it easier than they did. Highly recommended.
Michelle Yoon

Founder & CEO, Catalyst Content Creative

Working with Rachel and Jon at Rockstarr & Moon was an absolutely amazing experience. They worked with our team to help rebrand, rebuild and reinvent our website. From start to finish, they were incredibly responsive to the ever evolving needs of our team and of our project. They managed to help bring on our team back on track and focused on the goal at hand each and every time we wandered off course. I’d highly recommend them to any person or company looking to help take their business to the next level.
Kelly Shea

Executive Director of Strategic Partnerships, Premier Mindset Program

Working with Rockstarr & Moon was, and still is, a great experience. Rachel makes the process easy and fun. Her experience in the world translates over to her designs and esthetics allowing her to create out of the box, unique designs. You wont be dissappointed!
Robin Stevens

CEO, Birdsong Desert Retreat

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