The 4 Steps You Need to Take to Create a Rockstarr Resume

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing each resume. SIX SECONDS. This is how long you have to get noticed. This is not the time for lengthy drum solos or endless guitar riffs.

Rockstarrs write resumes that capture attention. They know their ideal target, they know the keywords, they know the metrics that matter. A Rockstarr resume will have a clean design, correct word choice based on the keywords above, use the right language for their audience and show examples of impactful wins illustrated by metrics.

The biggest mistakes we find are resumes that list a series of work activities. There aren’t any wins listed or metrics. The resume basically took the job activities from their experience and gave up. These resumes will not get noticed and will not help score you the dream job.

We believe in illustrating the key highlights of what you accomplished in your experience with a company. Recruiters don’t need to know that you reconciled reports without seeing a single win. What did you change? What impact did you have? What larger goal did you help contribute to?

The Rockstarr Resume Tips

These are some of the tips and tricks we use for business and technology roles. Some industries have different requirements, so do some research of resume examples for the industry and job type you are going for.

create a rockstarr resume

Step 1: Create a clean design

Aim for a single page of information, in a readable font size. Use a minimum font size of 10pt. Make sure you are not using a scripty font. These are hard to read and will not draw attention to the right elements you are trying to highlight.

If you are looking for templates, you can use the built in Word templates or you can Google for a new template.

The resume should include contact information, your elevator pitch and experience. Optional sections include skills, education and volunteer experience.

Make sure your contact information is easy to find at the top of your resume and includes your name, email address, phone number, website (i.e. LinkedIn, GitHub or personal portfolio) and address. For website links, make sure they are clickable (hyperlinks) that point to the correct site.

Make sure to save your resume in either a Word or Google Docs format as well as saving it out to a PDF. Some of the recruiter platforms require a PDF, others require Word Docs. I haven’t been able to find a rhyme or reason to the preference; however I’ve learned that the pdf needs to be readable (vs a flat image) so it can pull information into the platform. (No. We can’t do anything about the recruiter technology asking you to input the information you already uploaded. Sorry. That’s out of our hands.)

Step 2: The Elevator Pitch

It is imperative to have your elevator pitch at the top to draw attention. Your elevator pitch tells the story of who you are and why the recruiter should keep reading. It should be brief (a few sentences) and tell the story of why they should keep reading.

Components of an elevator pitch:

  • Who you are
  • What you do and how you do it
  • The results of your work
  • What makes you unique
create a rockstarr resume

Step 3: Experience Section

We recommend that you include no more than 10 years of achievements unless absolutely necessary. Limiting your experience will help keep your resume to a single page and keep you focused on those key wins.

Use bullet points wherever possible to let the reader scan for information.

Include as many metrics (numbers) as you can to show value and achievement, rather than simply doing a job.

Include keywords from the job posting in your resume. Keywords help computers move your resume to the top of the list. If necessary, create a new version for each job you apply to with different keywords.

Use active language and eliminate unnecessary words. Remember the 6 seconds…

Step 4: Review

Proofread, proofread, proofread. Read the resume out loud. Read it to someone else. Make sure the language is appropriate, correct and concise.

Test all the links and make sure they go to the appropriate place.

Want some help in reviewing your resume?

VMock is an AI-powered service that can review your resume and give you instant feedback, scoring, and even help prep you for interviews. Learn more:

The following are services that may offer free resume reviews and then you can pay them to write it professionally, along with your cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview prep, and other things. This is by no means a complete list.

Want More?  

For more in-depth information and guidance on writing a resume, check out these posts. They are filled with tips, tricks, and examples.

Still having trouble? You might consider a resume-writing service. There are many services and individuals out there who specialize in writing resumes and career services. Also check with your alma-mater to see if they have any special offers for their alum.

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