The world of marketing is as bold as it is full of gray areas.

The typical story we’ve heard from our clients is that they need a website. They work with a marketing agency to create their website, and they are tied to them for the rest of their lives without getting the support and training needed. Making changes is time-consuming and costly as they may not have access to the backend. They spent time, money, and resources on making the website happen, but their website is out of date after a year or two. Is it easier to start building a whole new website? Should we take on that cost of time, energy, money, and more resources?

A similar story is that clients come to a marketing agency telling them they just need social media. If they had the perfect Tik Tok account, they would be able to get the word out about their business and make millions. They spend a fortune on getting the account started and content created, hoping the money will just keep rolling in. They are gaining a following, but their ideal clients aren’t actually on Tik Tok, so there is zero ROI. So now what?

The craziest story we’ve experienced is that our client’s previous agency owned their domain. It was “easier” if the web developer owned the domain so he could make sure everything stayed up to date. This client spent a fortune to build their brand, create a site, set up their email, get their business going, and then come to find out they can’t switch companies or they will lose their URL completely. This isn’t a single instance. This has happened to several of our clients with the same terrifying outcome. If the client wants to move their domain away, they can pay a hefty fee to do so, or they can take Option B and purchase a new URL for their business, change all their emails, and potentially lose a ton of business because they didn’t have control over the most important part of their business.

These stories are unacceptable in this day and age. Clients should have full access to their email, domains, website, email marketing accounts, ad accounts, and social media accounts.

I founded Rockstarr & Moon as the anti-agency marketing agency.

At Rockstarr & Moon, we understand that businesses need results, and they need them fast. We don’t believe in tying our clients down with long-term contracts – instead, we work hard to get the job done right and then teach your team how to keep the systems going (if you want).

We believe in working smarter, not harder. That’s why we use proven systems to work, so you don’t have to waste time and energy experimenting. And our turn-key approach means you can hit the ground running and see results quickly.

This way, our clients aren’t stuck with us forever – they can update their websites, send email campaigns, and start and manage ad campaigns (if they choose).

We have a wide range of services, from branding through websites, product marketing through sales enablement, and everything in between. Our team comprises experienced professionals who know how to do the job correctly and be by your side at every step.

We’re passionate about helping businesses grow and succeed, and our rockstarrs have a wealth of experience and knowledge in marketing and business growth.

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