Creating an optimized landing page is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business. But, it’s more than just placing a “Sign Up Now” button on your page to see leads. Instead, you’ll have to be much more strategic about your approach.

First, let’s figure out how it all works. A unique visitor will click on a call-to-action (CTA) that drives them to a landing page. That page will have a form that’s used to collect the visitor’s information. If your visitor fills out the form, they turn into a lead. Your goal is to have them sign up for whatever you’re offering – so it’s important to optimize your landing page. (If you don’t know how to build a landing page, here’s a guide for you.)

Here are some simple ways that you can optimize your site so you can turn the casual visitor into leads.

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Be Clear About the Conversion Path

The moment a visitor lands on your website, the conversion path is the steps they take to hopefully end with them filling out a form and becoming a lead. Make sure to take into account the following pieces to optimize the process:

Pro Tip: Optimize your website and landing pages for all devices.

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Add Fill Forms to the Pages That Get the Most Traffic

You probably have a few pages set up already. Whether from your emails, or social media, or blog posts, these landing pages may be generating some leads, but you’re looking to optimize so you can increase your leads. Go through and identify where your leads are coming from and create forms that visitors can fill out to transform into your next best fan. Remember when you create the form fields to make sure they’re the right fields and not to overwhelm a casual visitor to your site. It may be a turn off for a visitor to fill out too much personal information and they might abandon your site during the process. Keep it simple and straightforward – sticking to the basics like name, company, email, and phone.

Another word of advice is to test your lead generators to better understand what is the most effective. See what’s working for you and what is not.

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Grab Your Visitor’s Attention With Headlines That Stand Out

Use strong verbs to create powerful headlines. Test out your headlines on your landing pages, blog posts, and more to increase your conversion. An easy way of creating a headline is by focusing on your value propositions. To do this, figure out why your audience is visiting your website. Look at how customers speak about you and focus on fine-tuning your value proposition to something strong by using verbs and cutting out the unnecessary adverbs.

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First Impressions Matter

What does that mean? Make sure to create a landing page and website that is clean and easy to use. That may mean making your content scannable by:

  • Using bullets
  • Selling your offer in the first few words
  • Taking a moment to bold keywords
  • Using interactive elements like videos and demos
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Make Your Offer Irresistible

Creating an offer that’s hard to say ‘no’ to isn’t rocket science. Here are 7 simple steps you can follow to create an offer that clinches the deal:

  • Produce an offer that has a clear outcome so your audience can decide whether or not the investment is worth their time.
  • Create an offer that speaks to your audience’s needs and alleviates their pain points.
  • Use social proof based on results and testimonials to help persuade visitors.
  • Make the value of your offer more valuable than the actual cost.
  • Think about your active seeker who is searching for your product or service and create an offer that speaks to them.
  • Include a guarantee – promise results and deliver on it.
  • Speak to the general human need to belong and make your offer about something your customer is going to become a part of – like be a part of the marketing revolution.
  • Check out this handy guide on how to make an irresistible offer.

If you’re having trouble growing your leads, it may be time to re-think your offer and follow the steps.

Rockstarr tip: Try creating a blog post that provides value to your audience by giving them important insight, then offering that they can learn more about the same topic in your ebook or whitepaper.

When all is said and done, it’s important to keep testing so you know that the formula is working. Also, nurture your leads to turn them into your lifelong fans. Keep delivering content they find valuable and send relevant emails that include great content that is tailored to them. Using these tips today, you can make sure every opportunity a casual visitor comes to your site is a chance to turn them into a customer.

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