With today’s rapidly changing digital trends, your website can feel outdated and old real quick. And, it’s difficult to keep up with the trends if you don’t have the time and money to invest in such a large ongoing project. To help you deal with this challenge, we put together 10 simple ways you can optimize your website to be more helpful and useful.

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Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

A search bar goes a long way in allowing users to conveniently navigate across your website. They should appear on every page and be wide enough that visitors can read what they’ve typed. Also, check out your menus – are they simple? If not, make them clear, logical, and not cluttered.

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Fix Broken Links

When you’re browsing websites, you may have come across a broken link or error messages. They’re annoying and you start second-guessing the company. Check all your links, including your internal links, and make sure they’re all working. Also, while you’re checking your links, differentiate them by visual cues like differently colored text or underlined text.

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Be Mobile-Friendly

In this digital age, having a responsive, mobile-friendly website is critical to your success.

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Use Clear Calls to Action

Don’t have your visitors guessing what they should be doing – lead them with prominent call to action buttons.

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Make Copy Easy to Scan

Most people will skim through your content. Get your point across in small, bite-size pieces. Consider using simple language, readable fonts and colors, clear headings and subheadings, bulleted lists, and no large paragraphs.

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Speed Up Your Website Load Time

Try optimizing your images, web fonts, or getting rid of unnecessary modules or plugins to speed up your website. You may have to perform a comprehensive website audit to pinpoint your weak points to fix them.

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Replace Stock Images

People can spot generic or stock photos from a mile away and it can decrease trust. In a case study by Spectrum, Inc., they found that Harrington Movers were able to increase conversion on a page by simply replacing a stock photo with an actual photo of the team of movers. They experienced the same increase in conversion on a page where they added a photo of their actual moving truck instead of a stock photo.

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Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines

A well-crafted headline is worth its weight in gold. Choosing the right headline and making it stand out can help guide your visitors through your site easily.

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Show Credibility

A few years ago, Google Chrome implemented a policy where all websites that don’t have an SSL certificate be flagged as “Not Secure.” Not sure if your website is a secure site? Check out if your website is an ‘http’ or ‘https.’ An ‘https’ address indicates you’re secure. If you’re marked as ‘Not Secure,’ people may think you’re too risky to visit.

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Make Your Contact Information Complete

51% of people believe complete contact information is something many websites are missing. The more ways your customer can contact you, the better.

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