Mondays. It was the day I dreaded the most every week. I’m lying. Monday through Friday I would wake up already thinking about my overflowing work to-do list. I would crawl out of bed knowing that hours of Zoom calls that could have been emails wait for me in the hours ahead. I spent my days dreaming of a life where hard work paid off and deadlines weren’t set because we wanted to impress an executive. I grew up in a world of self-made entrepreneurs. They woke up every morning, found the time to take care of their families by making breakfast, packing lunches, getting us off to school, and then headed to the office. It wasn’t until my early 30s when I realized that they didn’t hate their job, because it was something they got to do rather than being assigned to do.
When you own your own business, it shifts your mindset. What once was your list of HAVE TO DO’s becomes a list of tasks you GET TO DO. You are now building your future, so your to-do lists are no longer something you dread every morning. Becoming your own boss ultimately impacts your mindset on life to set you up for success. With the newfound freedom in your decisions, the privilege of choice that is missing in corporate America is now yours. Do you take on a big project that will have you working nights and weekends for a month? Do you choose to tackle small projects to build up your business reputation? It is your choice when you work for yourself. This wasn’t a choice I often was allowed to make when I worked for large global corporations and small family-owned companies alike. I was always willing to roll up my sleeves and do whatever it took to help the company succeed. But, after decades of chasing job after job to get ahead and learning multiple skill sets that allowed me to be a crucial asset to any organization, I realized that I never actually advanced my career. I was always putting in the extra effort and stuck in the same dead-end jobs that required leaving to get even the slightest pay bump. That’s not even counting the minimal cost of living increases. But, then, the pandemic happened and I was furloughed in the first round. It didn’t matter how much work I put into the job or how much I accomplished. When it came down to it, the decision-makers kept the new employees on the team who were just starting to learn the job.
Let’s be clear. There was a minute of bitterness and resentment. Then, came the day that I realized I was already set up for success. That resentment transformed into FREEDOM. I no longer had to spend 60-80 hours a week for a job that didn’t respect me. I didn’t have to do another thing for a company that didn’t value me as an employee. That was the last day I had to wake up to my alarm to face a nonstop list of tasks, prep for meetings that should have been emails, or even try to figure out how to take care of my family while being overwhelmed with work.

Because, what I didn’t tell you is that in 2010, I started my own company. I dreamed of having a small business where I could have a creative outlet and expand my skill sets outside of what my 9-5 would allow. (Learn how it all started here).

When I was furloughed, what was once my side hustle quickly became my full-time gig. As other furloughed team members were trying to figure out their next steps, I knew exactly what my game plan was going to be. I knew what I needed to do and had a purpose. This purpose instantly drove me to scale up my business.

At Rockstarr & Moon, our purpose is to empower aspiring rockstarr business owners to SUCCESSFULLY START, BUILD, AND GROW their business so that they can create the lives they’ve dreamed of for themselves, their families, and their communities.

That is why I created the Rockstarr Biz Bootcamp. To help you learn the lessons I had to learn the hard way and create the infrastructure you need to succeed.

If you are ready to gain some independence this Independence Day, join our Rockstarr Biz Bootcamp. We can help you successfully start your business so you can create the lives you’ve always dreamed of for yourselves, your families, and your communities.

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