Company: Beauty Bakerie

What sparked our interest:

This post is an epic example of great marketing that uses a customer quote to show that ordering direct from the company is an experience rather than just a transaction. Beauty Bakerie creates the ultimate curated experience for their consumers starting with a thoughtful beautiful website that guides the visitor to the right products and ends with a delivery that exceeds expectations.

What we love: 

We are incredibly in love with the Beauty Bakerie marketing and design team. The first thing that captured my attention was that the names of the products. From the Lollipop Liner to the Proof is in the Pudding Eyeshadow Pallet, the names are spot on with the brand image while being intriguing enough to get me to want to learn more. Even the subscribe button is on point: Get the scoop!

The most intriguing part of the experience was visiting the website. Thank you Beauty Bakerie for having a diverse mix of models and an epic online customer experience. I’m not a girl who has a clue about makeup, but I found myself clicking through the foundation finder and digging the experience. After my first click, I had to know more.


The 3 takeaways you should be doing today: 

  1. Use customer quotes to illustrate experiences that define your company.
  2. Rather than just post a screenshot, capture attention with bright backgrounds.
  3. Inspire curiosity in your audience. Don’t you want to order today to see the delivery?


About Beauty Bakerie: 

Cashmere Nicole founded Beauty Bakerie in 2011 with the mission to be sweet and sweeten the lives of others. Inspired to create the long-lasting line of beauty products after watching her mother spend so much time and energy preparing for work, our bakery-inspired line includes best-selling products ranging from liquid lipsticks, setting powder, and illuminators to eyebrow gel, eyeshadows, and eyeliners.

What started off as our CEO and founder’s artistic outlet, quickly evolved into a growing company selling its sweet products in over 100 countries worldwide. Beauty Bakerie’s commitment to being Better not Bitter extends beyond our walls to sweeten the lives of others through engaging our large social media following with positive messaging and through altruistic donations via online platforms. The Beauty Bakerie brand is a direct reflection of our CEO and founder’s perseverance and passion for great quality products that enhance the beauty in everyone, every day.

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