Client: West Property Management

West Property Management

Great company with great service. They’ve really helped my companies grow and succeed. Would highly recommend!

Chris Westerlund

CEO, West Property Management


West Property Management had been a long-standing client of Rockstarr for some time, taking full advantage of our social media marketing and smaller initiatives to gain brand visibility and acquire more customers.

The leadership team decided to expand their local property management business by managing more Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) and Condo Associations in the region. The challenge of reaching these HOAs increased as in Maryland, there isn’t an HOA database for the region. So West Property reached out to the Rockstarr team to take on this mission.

Rockstarr Solution

The Rockstarr team took over the HOA challenge and began by creating the perfect lead magnet to engage their ideal client with the ultimate goal of requesting a consultation.

Within 24 hours of launching the book, we reached the exact ideal client West Property outlined, they reached out to schedule an immediate consultation, and West successfully acquired the client, DOUBLING THEIR BUSINESS IN THE AREA.

We didn’t stop there; to continue driving success and growth, we went on to revamp West Property Management’s website entirely and craft content that would best engage each of their Ideal Customer Profiles. Through strategic ad campaigns, ebooks tailored specifically for their ideal clients, and ongoing support from our team at Rockstarr & Moon, West Property Management has seen significant success in its efforts and continues to reach more potential customers than ever before.

Ultimately, partnering with Rockstarr & Moon enabled West Property Management to take on this challenge and expand their business by managing more HOA properties in the area – with ease. The results speak for themselves: We’re proud of what we can do when it comes to helping our clients achieve success and growth!

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