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Treehouse Supplies faced a complex and daunting challenge in formulating an effective marketing strategy. With numerous variables and market fluctuations, the company needed help determining the best actions to increase engagement and drive sales.

Lacking a clear direction and having questions regarding the suitability of various marketing methodologies left Treehouse Supplies needing clarification and certainty. These questions included: Which platforms would be most effective for generating sales and maximizing engagement? Should the company focus on email campaigns or social media marketing?

Overall, Treehouse Supplies desperately sought a professional team to guide them through the process of crafting a powerful, multi-faceted marketing plan that will help them maximize their impact and increase revenue.

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Increase in affiliate program sales

We implemented several solutions to help Treehouse Supplies improve its online presence and increase sales. Firstly, we updated and organized the website homepage by product categories, making it easier for users to find what they wanted. Our updates resulted in a 128.5% lift in the homepage conversion rate, driving a significant increase in sales.

At the same time, we designed a comprehensive social media strategy that involved the creation of social media posts and product catalogs on Pinterest and Meta, showcasing Treehouse Supplies’ unique products. By consistently tagging products on Pinterest, we significantly increased their reach to 1M monthly impressions, resulting in a notable increase in online sales within the first month alone.

Additionally, we created a creative and engaging competition called DIY Treehouse Wars, aimed at re-engaging existing customers through email and social media, which proved highly effective. This fun and interactive competition fostered a stronger sense of community amongst the audience and led to a remarkable 122% increase in sales on the day of the contest’s launch.

To further improve sales, we implemented email campaigns and monthly newsletters to re-engage former customers. Our efforts increased the returning customer rate by 144% and drove a significant increase in sales that has remained steady from inception.

Finally, we provided Treehouse Supplies with a complete refresh of their affiliate program. These efforts contributed to a 105% increase in sales, signifying the success of our strategies in boosting affiliate program sales.

Overall, our solutions have been successful in helping Treehouse Supplies improve its reach, boost its sales, and attract a wider audience. We are excited to continue working with Treehouse Supplies to enhance its online presence and achieve even greater success.

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