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TRANSEARCH USA faced a challenge trying to establish its presence in the US market, as they had achieved great success in other parts of the world. They had experimented with different strategies on their own but could not achieve the desired level of success. Their homegrown system was outdated, leaving them open to modernizing and holistically looking at their entire strategy.

The challenge for TRANSEARCH was two-fold: how do they make themselves more visible within the US market, and how do they build trust between potential customers?

Achieving brand recognition is essential when selling a product or service, and a key factor in this process is marketing.

TRANSEARCH’s marketing efforts were not tapping into an emotional component that could have helped them better connect with potential customers.

Rockstarr Solution

We worked with TRANSEARCH to build their Growth Amplifier. The first step was establishing their Ideal Customer Profile and creating an emotionally irresistible value proposition that is clear, exclusive and resonates with their ideal client’s motivations and desires. After that, we created a marketing strategy to tap into their existing customer base and draw in new customers.

We ensured they had the tools to modernize their homegrown system, helping them create a robust system to compete with other international brands. Additionally, we provided leadership consultation and guidance to ensure they had the right strategies to create a successful impact.

With our help, TRANSEARCH made strides in branding with a new website highlighting its value proposition with a fresh yet professional look. Now, they can also reach out to more potential customers through strategic campaigns designed specifically to resonate with their target audience.

Through these efforts, we helped TRANSEARCH break through the bottlenecks to create opportunities, build its growth and a strong reputation within the industry and become more competitive and recognizable within its market.

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Messaging Updates
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Website Refresh
Pitchbook Creation
Email Marketing Analysis and Optimization

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