Client: The Legacy Leadership Consulting Group

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Key Results

  • Comprehensive Strategy: Developed a marketing strategy to ensure TLLCG’s transformational services were perceived at their full potential and communicated effectively.
  • Website Development: Created a website promoting The Legacy Leadership Lab with tailored messages for HR professionals, CEOs, and individuals seeking problem-solving capabilities.
  • Engaging Content: Crafted emails, video scripts, and social posts to connect with ideal clients, showcasing their industry expertise.
  • Training Program Materials: Designed a series of decks for TLLCG’s immersive team-based training program, aiding teams in strategic planning and problem-solving.
  • Professional Sales Materials: Created sales materials to promote services to HR professionals, enhancing their promotional efforts.
  • Social Media Revamp: Updated social media profiles to align with their brand identity, increasing their online presence and visibility.
  • Improved Brand Recognition: Enhanced brand recognition and increased awareness of their services, leading to business growth and success.


The Legacy Leadership Consulting Group faced many challenges in its marketing strategy. Despite trying numerous approaches, they could not achieve the desired outcome, leading to a lack of cohesion and clarity in their marketing messages.

Additionally, launching a new product or service can be exciting yet intimidating for any business, and that was the case for TLLCG when they wanted to introduce their latest service, The Legacy Leadership Lab, to the market. They knew they needed guidance on navigating the process and developing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy that reflected their brand values and unique offerings.

Another significant challenge that TLLCG faced was the lack of a cohesive marketing strategy. As a result, they struggled to create campaigns that effectively communicated their message and vision to their target audience. This led to inconsistent marketing messaging and an inability to captivate potential customers, limiting their growth potential.

They recognized that a different perspective would help them achieve a future benefit outcome that they had been unable to realize until that point.


Rockstarr Solution

At Rockstarr & Moon, we understand that effective marketing goes beyond superficial aesthetics and visuals. That’s why, with the Growth Amplifier, our sales-first approach emphasizes the importance of a well-articulated offer and a properly designed system.

For TLLCG, the first step taken by our team was the creation of a comprehensive strategy to ensure the transformational services they offered were perceived at their full potential and that they were communicated effectively to their different target audiences.

We developed a website to promote The Legacy Leadership Lab to include the right message for each target audience, from HR professionals to CEOs looking to break free from the cycle of constant crisis management and individuals seeking the ability to conquer any obstacle that crosses their path, transitioning from problem spotters to adept problem solvers.

We then crafted a series of emails, video scripts, and social posts to serve as attractive and informative communication tools, connecting TLLCG with their ideal clients. Our insights-based approach allowed us to showcase TLLCG’s industry expertise and services, helping problem-spotters transform into problem-solvers.

To further support TLLCG’s services, we designed a series of decks for their immersive team-based training program, The Legacy Leadership Lab. This program helps teams develop the strategic planning and problem-solving abilities necessary to successfully overcome obstacles without relying on the intervention of the CEO. Our team also created professional sales materials to promote TLLCG’s services to HR professionals.

Finally, we revamped TLLCG’s social media profiles to align with their brand identity and messaging, increasing their social media presence and visibility to reach a wider audience.

Thanks to the Rockstarr Growth Amplifier, TLLCG presented its services most effectively, resulting in better brand recognition and increased awareness of TLLCG’s services, ultimately leading to growth and success for its business.

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Brand & Logo Design
Website Creation
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Email Marketing
Product Messaging
Case Study Creation

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