Client: The Westerlund Group

Rockstarr & Moon has become absolutely invaluable and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their business.

Ryan Westerlund

REALTOR, The Westerlund Group

$10+ Million

In Volume 2022

Samson Properties Platinum Club

Key Results

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Implemented comprehensive marketing strategies that enhanced visibility across all channels.
  • Engaging Content Creation: Developed tailored email campaigns and engaging content, reaching more potential customers than ever.
  • Maximized ROI: Leveraged an analytics-driven approach to track results effectively and maximize return on investment.
  • Customized Marketing Solutions: Crafted personalized marketing plans tailored specifically to The Westerlund Group’s goals and objectives.
  • Long-term Partnership: Provided consistent quality service, leading to a decade-long loyal client relationship.
  • Infrastructure Setup: Set up and maintained necessary marketing infrastructure to ensure the success of their initiatives.
  • Dedicated Team Support: Offered continuous support with an experienced team dedicated to understanding and meeting the client’s exact needs.
  • Social Media Strategy: Developed effective social media strategies to keep The Westerlund Group top-of-mind among their ideal customers.
  • Visual Collateral Design: Designed impactful visual elements for advertising campaigns, enhancing overall marketing efforts.


The Westerlund Group needed an effective and comprehensive approach to brand awareness. They wanted to ensure that their ideal customers became not only aware services and remained top-of-mind even if they weren’t ready to buy or sell a house today. This was especially important given that the real estate market is so competitive.

Rockstarr Solution

For over a decade, The Westerlund Group has been a loyal and valued customer of Rockstarr & Moon, taking full advantage of the all-encompassing marketing solutions. From developing strategies for their social media campaigns and designing visual collateral for their advertising needs, to setting up the necessary infrastructure for the success of their marketing initiatives, we have provided them with the comprehensive support they need to grow.

Through our successful collaboration, The Westerlund Group has seen increased brand awareness and growth across all channels. Our efforts in creating tailored email campaigns and engaging content allowed them to reach more potential customers than ever before. With an experienced team dedicated to understanding their exact needs, they have been able to track results effectively and maximize ROI through our analytics-driven approach.

Rockstarr & Moon’s commitment to providing quality service is why The Westerlund Group remains a loyal customer today. We understand that each business is unique – what works for one company may not be suitable for another – so our team takes the time to craft customized plans that are tailored specifically to our client’s goals and objectives. It’s this personalized touch coupled with superior service that remains at the core of Rockstarr & Moon’s commitment as a reliable partner in helping businesses achieve success.

We’re proud of our work with The Westerlund Group and look forward to continuing this productive partnership for many years to come!

Everyone is more than helpful. They were able to answer any questions before I can even ask! Response time is like no other. They are live savers! Working with them is easy and seamless. Simply the best!

Terri Westerlund

Founder & Associate Broker, The Westerlund Group

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