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Shomen Productions


Increase in Meetings Booked


When Shomen Productions approached The Rockstarr team, they were struggling to find the right way to upgrade their online presence. They had a website that wasn’t capturing their target audience’s attention and a marketing strategy that didn’t accurately reflect who they are or highlight their successes.

Rockstarr Solution

Shomen Productions’ Growth Amplifier started with creative solutions to transform their brand messaging into a Platinum Messaging to effectively resonate with potential customers. We also worked closely with Shomen to develop a user-friendly website design that showcased their services, offerings, and Value Proposition up front – eliminating any risk potential customers might have faced when deciding whether or not to use Shomen’s services.

Shomen Before and After

To amplify the impact of our efforts, we kick-started a Rockstarr Demand Generation campaign. Through crafting a conversational campaign focusing on their ideal customer’s needs, the Rockstarr team established a solid pipeline of prospects quickly. Fourteen prospects requested more information within two weeks of launching the outreach campaign, and four booked meetings with the Shomen team!

The added benefit of the Rockstarr Demand Generation campaign is that we are able to test messaging and targeting quickly. Results occur within a week rather than months. The Rockstarr team quickly adapts to the data and implements measures to scale up or redirect the efforts.

Our collaboration has already proven successful, as the new website has increased brand awareness and tangible lead generation for Shomen Productions – helping them reach more of their intended audience and grow sustainably!

Which is an epic thing because where else can you gain access to a Hollywood animation team to work on your company’s project?

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Website Creation
Platinum Messaging
Marketing Strategy
Demand Generation

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