Client: SalesSparx



SalesSparx, a top-notch provider of resources to accelerate healthcare go-to-market (GTM) execution and sales, encountered significant hurdles in the launch of their upcoming book. Their outdated branding failed to resonate with their target customers, and their website needed a modern revamp to improve user experience.

A second pressing challenge was the lack of a clear roadmap to promote an upcoming book launch. They sought the help of an expert partner with the necessary experience to craft a comprehensive strategy to pave the way for a successful brand and book launch.

That’s where Rockstarr & Moon stepped in.

Rockstarr Solution

The partnership brought significant changes, including a revamped branding strategy, a new visual identity, and brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing materials. The new guidelines ensured that SalesSparx’s messaging and colors aligned with its brand values, improving brand recognition and recall.

We updated their logo to ensure it was modern and professional-looking, crafting engaging web copy and design. We also crafted visuals that showcased their services in the most attractive way possible and created content that accurately described the benefits of working with them.

SalesSparx brand refresh

The result was an effective online presence so that SalesSparx could build a robust marketing plan, execute it flawlessly, create a strong brand identity for the future, successfully communicate value to its target audience, increase revenue, accelerate growth, and rock its business!

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Brand & Logo Design
Website Creation
Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Social Media Marketing
Sales Enablement

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