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Oaklyn Consulting, a financial services firm, faced several challenges in its marketing efforts. The primary challenge was developing a unique brand voice that differentiated them from other organizations in the investment banking advisory space. The Oaklyn Consulting team helps clients where traditional investment banking advisors cannot. Unlike traditional investment banking advisors, they work as consultants -not brokers- to provide expert guidance for small to mid-sized organizations.

While Oaklyn Consulting had extensive earned media, their website wasn’t built to maximize impact from the features. The design was simple yet challenging to navigate, and there was zero SEO value. The messaging was unclear and struggled to communicate the value they provided.

That’s when Rockstarr & Moon came in.

Rockstarr Solution

We started by conducting marketing strategy and messaging sessions to craft a compelling message that resonated well with their ideal clients. This step was crucial in communicating Oaklyn Consulting’s strengths and points of differentiation clearly and concisely.

We created a user-friendly website highlighting the value proposition and solutions. We also reorganized their news section, where the articles the Oaklyn Consulting team wrote in prominent industry newsletters and websites such as CFO, The Middle Market, and The Network Journal were highlighted to increase brand awareness and position them as thought leaders. This strategy established Oaklyn Consulting’s credibility and helped them stand out in a highly competitive market.

To drive organic traffic, we developed a technical SEO audit, content, and link-building strategy to ensure that Oaklyn Consulting’s websites ranked higher in search engines. 

Next step was to grow online awareness. We started by updating Oaklyn Consulting’s social media profiles and implemented a LinkedIn newsletter as well as revamped the content strategy — our targeted efforts aimed to attract potential customers and expand reach into new markets.

These tactics helped Oaklyn Consulting gain traction, generating an average of 1300 monthly impressions on LinkedIn.

Additionally, we created a new section called “Ask Us Anything,” where users can submit their concerns and questions regarding crucial capital decisions, receive answers from Oaklyn Consulting’s teams, and be shared in a bi-weekly email newsletter to their current pipeline, generating up to 58% in open rate.

Since employing our innovative marketing techniques, Oaklyn Consulting has experienced exponential growth. Our comprehensive marketing strategy helped them pivot towards new business opportunities, expand their reach, and reach into previously untapped markets.

At Rockstarr & Moon, we take pride in our role in Oaklyn Consulting’s success story. We are committed to continued collaboration with them to ensure their growth trajectory continues upwards.

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