Client: NTN Chicago

NTN Chicago


NTN Chicago was in need of a more effective and efficient method for establishing their company and growing its reach. Traditional outreach methods hadn’t been producing the results they’d hoped for, so they enlisted Rockstarr & Moon to develop a sophisticated marketing strategy.

Rockstarr Solution

We provided NTN Chicago with a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to their specific needs. We got to work on creating a brand-new website with clear product messaging (Platinum Messaging) designed to appeal to potential clients. To further engage prospects, we created a series of lead magnets designed to capture leads while providing value to their prospects.

We continued our efforts by setting up email marketing campaigns so NTN Chicago could stay connected and communicate with their customers directly. These campaigns were instrumental in helping landlords navigate tenant screening during COVID.

The results have been nothing short of breathtaking! Thanks to our efforts, their network reach has expanded exponentially, resulting in an unprecedented surge in interest from potential clients and enabling them to grow and scale their business faster than ever before.


Increase In Organic Traffic YOY

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Website Creation
Product Messaging
Sales Enablement Materials: Brochure, Data Sheets, Ebooks
Email Marketing

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