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LiquidSMARTS faced several significant challenges that impeded the growth and success of its professional services, coaching, training, and consulting business. One of the most prominent issues related to their digital marketing efforts is that they could not get it right despite being savvier in the field. The company’s website was outdated and difficult for potential customers to navigate, making it challenging to understand what LiquidSMARTS offered. They were not getting the traction they needed to sustain their business.

Additionally, the company’s messaging and brand positioning were not focused enough. There was an inconsistency in their message, which created confusion among their target audience, ultimately making it difficult to establish a memorable brand identity.

That’s when Rockstarr & Moon came in.

Rockstarr Solution

The first step was identifying the Ideal Customer Profile and creating a value proposition that resonated with them. We extensively researched the target market’s desires and motivations to accomplish this. This allowed us to leverage our expertise and craft an emotionally compelling value proposition to attract LiquidSMARTS’ Ideal Customers.

Upon crafting the value proposition, our next step was creating a website visually representing the brand and conveying its unique tone and voice. Our team worked to ensure that LiquidSMARTS’ online presence reflected their expertise and professionalism. We did this by designing a sleek and user-friendly website with a clear and concise call-to-action. The website showcases LiquidSMARTS’ services and training programs, which blend collective growth with individualized learning to drive unparalleled sales team results.

To captivate LiquidSMARTS’ target audience and showcase their expertise in personalized learning, we launched an impactful social media campaign and a meticulously designed email outreach initiative. Building on this solid foundation, our content creation efforts were in full swing, allowing us to develop “The Boomerang,” their LinkedIn newsletter. It was a huge success, growing their following to 1.5K subscribers in just two months!

After this, we focused on filling the pipeline with ideal prospects. We developed a conversational campaign highlighting the platinum message to connect with the Ideal Customer needs. Our Rockstarr research team developed lead lists to ensure optimal results, and our tech team configured the outreach technology. This approach ensured that LiquidSMARTS’ Growth Amplifier would attract the right customers while minimizing the cost per lead.

As a growing and dynamic company, LiquidSMARTS’ success relied on our ability to solve their challenges. By establishing the Ideal Customer Profile, crafting an emotionally compelling value proposition, designing a visually appealing website, and creating a conversational campaign, we helped LiquidSMARTS substantially grow its customer base with unmatched levels of success. It has been an honor to partner with LiquidSMARTS, and we look forward to continuing to support their growth journey.

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

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Brand & Logo Design
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