Client: InnVantage


Awesome company with very creative minds from top to bottom. I had the pleasure of working on our company’s website and marketing strategy with Rachel and Jon. They were extremely professional and very easy to work with. Rockstarr & Moon has a very unique way of making your marketing journey less of a task, and more of an experience, giving you knowledge and insight along the way. I highly recommend!

Alex Theo

Senior Project Manager, InnVantage


InnVantage was having difficulty effectively communicating its brand identity and values to its target audience, making it unclear what the company stood for. They wanted to create a more attractive and professional brand image, but lacked the resources and time to do so. That’s when they turned to our team of experienced professionals at Rockstarr & Moon.


Rockstarr Solution

To better understand InnVantage’s needs, our team began with a thorough research process – exploring what was already working for them and areas that needed improvement.

We then developed an integrated branding strategy that incorporated website design, logo design, copywriting services, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing strategies, and ongoing support from our experienced professionals. This combined approach enabled us to create a memorable yet approachable brand image for InnVantage, which resonated with its target audience while still conveying its core values accurately.

Throughout the process, we worked closely alongside InnVantage to ensure our solutions met their specific needs and delivered maximum results. Thanks to our collaboration, InnVantage now has the strong online presence it desires, accelerating its growth and rocking its business!

Growth Amplifier Deliverables

Website Creation
Brand & Logo Design
Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing

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