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Hands-Off CEO
I know that they really care about our company, and I know that they are looking out for our best interests.
Mandi Ellefson

CEO and Advisor, Hands-Off CEO

Key Results

Our comprehensive approach yielded remarkable results for Hands-Off CEO:

  • Enhanced Brand Authority: By consistently delivering high-quality content and showcasing their expertise, we reinforced Hands-Off CEO’s position as a leader in their field.
  • Increased Audience Engagement: Our social media strategy and targeted email sequences led to a significant boost in audience engagement and interaction.
  • Streamlined Content Utilization: Transforming video content into various written formats maximized their content’s reach and impact.
  • Improved Website Performance: The redesigned website pages provided a more user-friendly experience and better highlighted their value proposition.

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Hands-Off CEO, a leading consulting agency dedicated to giving CEOs the freedom to work less while scaling their businesses, faced a unique challenge. Despite having created a lot of good content and achieving solid results, they needed an extra boost to connect more deeply with their audience and accelerate business growth. They were ready to transform their content into something more meaningful and impactful.

Rockstarr Solution

At Rockstarr & Moon, we don’t just take on challenges—we crush them. Recognizing the potential for impactful change, we devised a comprehensive strategy to enhance Hands-Off CEO’s content and digital presence. Our goal? To establish Hands-Off CEO as the undisputed leader in helping businesses profitably scale. And we delivered.

Redesigned Website Pages

We began by redesigning key website pages to better reflect the brand’s authority and expertise. This was crucial in creating a more engaging and professional online presence that resonated with potential clients.

Social Media Revamp

We overhauled their social media strategy, crafting posts that showcased their expertise and engaged their audience in meaningful ways. This included leveraging existing video content to create engaging written posts that captured the essence of the Hands-Off CEO philosophy.

Newsletter Creation

To keep their current audience engaged and informed, we developed a LinkedIn newsletter. This became a powerful tool for nurturing existing relationships and converting leads into loyal clients. The newsletter featured valuable content that kept readers hooked and coming back for more.

By putting together a LinkedIn newsletter that they helped us start and initiate, we were able to gain followers that exceeded our email opt-in list within a matter of just a few months.
Mandi Ellefson

CEO and Advisor, Hands-Off CEO

Building Case Studies

We also focused on building robust case studies from their past successes. These case studies were designed to showcase their ability to help businesses profitably scale, reinforcing Hands-Off CEO’s position as a leader in their industry.

Email Sequences

Understanding the need for continuous engagement, we created email sequences that nurtured their audience with valuable content. These sequences helped keep Hands-Off CEO top-of-mind for potential clients, guiding them through the buyer’s journey effectively.

Consistent Delivery and Training

Throughout our collaboration, we adhered to strict deadlines and maintained organized workflows, ensuring all deliverables were produced within a reasonable timeframe. At the end of our work together, we provided Hands-Off CEO full access to all asset deliverables and trained their team on how to use them effectively.

They made sure we had access to all the assets they developed. They even trained our team on how to utilize those assets. That’s very different than other agencies that we’ve worked with
Mandi Ellefson

CEO and Advisor, Hands-Off CEO

The Bottom Line

By transforming their existing content and integrating it into various mediums, we significantly boosted Hands-Off CEO’s audience engagement. Our strategic redesign and content overhaul ensured that their audience clearly recognized them as the go-to experts for helping businesses scale profitably.

Throughout our collaboration, we consistently met deadlines, maintained organization, and delivered all projects within a reasonable timeframe, ensuring that every piece of content was polished and professional.

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