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Thanks to Rockstarr & Moon, I have been able to clarify my company vision, and they’ve really helped me to define my brand, something that’s taken eight years in the business for me to finally do! 2021 has been my best year yet, and I know it will only get better with their help with marketing and goals in general. I’m grateful to have found them!

Ginny Carroll

REALTOR, Samson Properties


Ginny Carroll of Samson Properties was ready to expand her real estate business. She had the beginnings of an incredible business and wanted to be able to take it to the next level. As an independent business owner, she was finding difficulty knowing the right path to take to grow her business, reach her ideal client, and stay engaged so that when the time to buy or sell a home arises, she is the first person they call.

Ginny was ready for a change – she wanted to stand out from her competitors and become the go-to real estate expert in her local market. When she came to us at Rockstarr & Moon, we were determined to help her make that happen.


Rockstarr Solution

Ginny’s Growth Amplifier started with a strategic plan designed to identify her Ideal Customer Profile and craft an effective Platinum Messaging and marketing strategy that would capture their attention. This included determining the best channels for reaching them to ensure maximum ROI, as well as crafting sales enablement materials so Ginny could provide potential customers with compelling evidence of her expertise and can differentiate herself from others in the industry.

To hit home with her neighborhood audience, we specifically tailored our efforts by developing custom-made mailers. Reaching your ideal client on their own terms is key in capturing attention, so having each piece personalized perfectly ensured that Ginny still stands out even in a crowded field.

It has been an absolute pleasure helping Ginny stand out from the crowd and make a name for herself in her local real estate market!

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