Client: Ballyhoo and BOHO Too

Ballyhoo and Boho Too

Nobody does it better! Rockstarr & Moon will turn around your website and create a logo that keeps you rocking.

Michelle Long

Founder, Ballyhoo and BOHO Too


Ballyhoo and BOHO Too faced a major challenge when they first reached out to Rockstarr & Moon – their entire website had been built by themselves, but they didn’t have the knowledge or resources to make it look professional. Their e-commerce store was outdated, lacked modern design elements, and featured a logo that didn’t match the rest of the website’s content – making it difficult for visitors to connect with their brand.

That’s when they reached out to the Rockstarr team.

Rockstarr Solution

We revamped Ballyhoo and BOHO Too’s e-commerce store with modern design elements to make it appear professional and attractive to potential buyers. We also created a new logo design that aligned with their brand identity and helped them better connect with customers.

Finally, we offered ongoing support so that Ballyhoo and BOHO could manage their e-commerce store on an ongoing basis. This allowed them to increase their exposure online and generate more sales as customers could now trust their brand’s credibility.

The result? Ballyhoo and BOHO Too increased revenue, accelerated growth, and rocked their business with more appealing visuals, more customer engagement, and more sales generated from the e-commerce store.

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