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Company: Abogados Café

What sparked our interest:

When I saw this image, I had to stop and go to their profile because the stamp on the coffee, alongside the account’s name, caught my attention.

Abogados Café is a coffee shop located in Minnesota, but what sparked my interest was its unique branding strategy and how the owners tell its story.

Wife and husband team Ofelia & Inti are two lawyers that saw an opportunity in a place where coffee shops were rare. Still, they decide to remain true to their Latin roots while also showing how proud they are of their career paths as lawyers.

Coffee, your Honor?

No objections.


What we love: 

In marketing, two things are essential to set you apart from your competition:

Abogados Café is outstanding in both.

Ex Parte, Motion Granted, NDA, and Fearless Lawtte, are some of their coffee names, which is a great way to market their company and keep their law-theme coffee shop in your mind. Additionally, the story of why and how they decided to open a coffee shop representing the Latin community is very well-written and touching.

Abogados Café is a coffee shop with a difference. Not only does it have a great branding strategy, but its story is also very inspiring.


The 3 takeaways you should be doing today: 

  1. A strong brand is essential for any business that wants to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. So, take the time to create yours accordingly.
  2. Don’t be afraid to share your story; customers are more likely to remember and develop an emotional connection with your business when you share a meaningful story.
  3. Take the risk.

About Abogados Café:

Welcome to the Twin Cities’ first Latina-owned coffee shop—and first law-themed in the US.
América Latina is here for you. Enjoy!

Our Story
Wife and husband team Ofelia & Inti are proud to bring you Abogados Café. As both abogados (lawyers) and native Hondurans with a passion for coffee and law, they wish to warmly invite you to the Latin American coffee experience. They decided to open Abogados Café in the beloved Como Park area because there is no coffee shop here. Their neighbors had been longing for a coffee shop for ages.

One door after another opened up, making Ofelia & Inti realize that this wouldn’t be muy loco. Ofelia dreamed of opening a coffee shop when she lived in Honduras. Perhaps it was now a sign from God. But they didn’t want to open just another mainstream coffee shop. Blah. It needed to be an extension of themselves. Being unauthentic is not cool. Why not a law-themed, Latin American coffee shop?!

So, after seventeen months of plans, applications, designs, construction, and inspections… ¡cha cha cha! Here is Abogados Café for you. We are starting with a to-go espresso bar & mercadito. If there is customer demand, we could expand to sit-down. Come check us out and tell us what you think!

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