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On this International Women’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the strong women in my life.  Growing up in a family
A landing page is built to encourage visitors to take a specific action. Whether it’s opting in to a lead
You built out a beautiful website with amazing landing pages and the highest definition images – but you’re not getting
With today’s rapidly changing digital trends, your website can feel outdated and old real quick. And, it’s difficult to keep
Did you know that 70 to 96% of the people who abandon your site will never return? That’s why one
Writing headlines is hard. A great headline can get you clicks, which can lead to higher conversions. But, you’ll come
Having a bad website can cause you to lose customers, ultimately losing you money. But, you’d be surprised how often
Creating an optimized landing page is one of the most effective ways to generate leads for your business. But, it’s
Let’s face it! When it comes to social media metrics, it’s confusing and overwhelming. Every week there seems to be
Today, as more businesses are joining social media, the real question many are asking is how do I gain more
The key to success when it comes to social media is having a strategy. Without a strategy and understanding your
You spend hours on copy and design to get a social post ready to be engaged and connected with. You
There’s a lot more to social media marketing than posting on Facebook or Twitter and forgetting about it once you
Social media has completely revolutionized how people interact with brands. People have come to expect “always-on” experiences in real-time that
From marketing managers, to a business owner looking to leverage social media, it’s important to understand the channels available. In
Every time we turn around, the world of marketing evolves and there is a new platform or tactic capturing your
Most small and medium companies know that their internal marketing department can’t do it all (if they have a marketing
It seems crazy to think about this now, but do you remember life before GPS, cell phones or even Map
Tell me if this sounds familiar... I started a new role in a marketing team on a Monday. The job
Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing each resume. SIX SECONDS. This is how long you have to get
We get it. You got the call back from the recruiter. The appointment is scheduled for your interview. It’s the
1. Get a Custom URL LinkedIn automatically assigns you a URL. If you want to put this in your resume
Company: Beauty Bakerie What sparked our interest: This post is an epic example of great marketing that uses a customer
Company: Fuzzed up Bear What sparked our interest: In these unprecedented times, we are searching for the right message that
Company: CBA - Chicago Bagel Authority What sparked our interest: Protecting patrons and employees is job number one for any
Company: OLD BAY What sparked our interest: Growing up on the East Coast, I know that you can take the
Company: Piece Pizzeria & Brewery What sparked our interest: We love our Chicago pizza! Piece is one of our favorites
Company: Boston Proper What sparked our interest: In honor of Mother's Day, we picked this gem from Boston Proper. Not

We Deliver Encore-Worthy Results

527% increase in conversions

Verizon Wireless

Achieved through implementing personalization with dynamic content.

208% increase in ticket sales


Optimized the display of information in the sales funnel.

150% increase in opportunities


Achieved through implementing a content strategy based on thought leadership.

$2.5M increase in ticket sales


Achieved through implementing a targeted holiday communication to fans.

Sound Check

Are you driving traffic to a website that doesn’t convert?

The Rockstarr Sound Check is based on a Conversion Sequence Heuristic that is part of a patented, repeatable methodology. We’ll give you the framework to tune up and tune into your website to optimize conversion, drive engagement and make your audience go wild.

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Are You Clear On Your Ideal Client?

The Customer Avatar Workshop will help you build a map to understand… Who your ideal customer is, what their key purchaser drivers are, what their challenges and wants are, and how your service transforms their lives for the better.

Customer Value Journey

Need more sales? Clicks? Engagement?

The Customer Value Journey is about turning strangers into super-fans. While other templates have been created, none are as in-depth as the map we’re going to lay out for you. The CVJ stands out among the crowd because it gives you a step-by-step process for attracting, converting, and keeping your best customers.

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