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Let’s start at the beginning. You don’t need an overwhelming list of activities to pick from to start on an engagement with our team. Yes, we do it all and in working with companies large and small, we’ve learned that most come to us saying they need X, when in fact they need a combination of Y and Z to reach their goals.

At Rockstarr & Moon, we value these goals. Sure we could do a single activity or a combination of activities, but without your goals in place and knowing what you are trying to achieve, we would just be doing them just to do them.

Whether you have a large team or a small team, the Backstage Pass is designed to provide an independent, unbiased look behind the scenes at your own company’s marketing. It gives us a baseline to start with by identifying quick wins and areas of opportunity for long-term growth.

We Deliver Encore-Worthy Results

527% increase in conversions

Verizon Wireless

Achieved through implementing personalization with dynamic content.
208% increase in ticket sales


Optimized the display of information in the sales funnel.
150% increase in opportunities


Achieved through implementing a content strategy based on thought leadership.
$2.5M increase in ticket sales


Achieved through implementing a targeted holiday communication to fans.


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