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DigitalMarketer Certifications

DigitalMarketer Community Manager Badge

Become a Certified Community Manager ...and learn how to leverage Facebook Groups, forums and social platforms to build a community that will drive leads, sales and customer loyalty.

DigitalMarketer Content Marketing Certification

Become a Certified Content Marketer ...and learn how to leverage 5 types of content & 7 traffic strategies to boost conversions & generate leads.

DigitalMarketer Customer Value Optimization Certification

Become a Certified Funnel Optimization Specialist...and learn how to develop meaningful relationships with your customers and automate the customer acquisition process.

DigitalMarketer Copywriting Certification

Become a Certified Direct-Response Copywriter ...and learn the secret strategies for crafting gripping sales copy that seizes attention and sparks desire for your product or service.

DigitalMarketer Analytics and Data Certification

Become a Certified Analytics & Data Master...and learn how to identify, organize and analyze data to find ways to improve your business and make informed decisions.

DigitalMarketer Email Marketing Certification

Become a Certified Email Marketing Master. Discover the proven plan for effortless, automated email marketing that generates AT LEAST 200% more sales from the list you already have (even if it's tiny).

DigitalMarketer Customer Acquisition Certification

Create a Customer Acquisition Plan That Pays For Itself. Discover The Expert Strategies For Driving High-Quality Traffic From Facebook, Google, YouTube, & More!

DigitalMarketer Search Marketing Specialist

Become a Certified Search Marketing Specialist and start boosting your sales by attracting and converting your ideal leads everywhere they are.

DigitalMarketer Social and Community Manager Certification

Become a Certified Social & Community Manager ...and learn how to listen, influence, network and ultimately sell to your followers in the social media environment.


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