The Backstage Pass

Gain an unbiased behind the scenes view into your organization's marketing efforts

Did you know that less than 50% of businesses have a documented marketing strategy? Of those businesses without a strategy, most will struggle with trying to gain an edge on their competition.

Whether you have a large team or a small team, the Backstage Pass is designed to provide an independent, unbiased look behind the scenes at your own company's marketing. 

Based upon a common framework, we work with you to identify areas of opportunity with quick wins and long-term growth.

At Rockstarr & Moon we are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes thrive, which is why we offer the Backstage Pass for FREE. Armed with industry-leading tactics, we have helped global corporations achieve +500% conversions, +200% in sales and more.

Want the backstage pass? Apply today. Space is limited.

backstage pass

What is a Backstage Pass?

the set list

The Set List

  • A FREE 90 minute workshop
  • Identify the business goals
  • Pinpoint the current marketing efforts
  • Define the current marketing strategy
  • Identify and define the value exchange between the business and your ideal customer
  • Introduce the 3 pillars of business growth
  • Highlight quick wins and long-term opportunities

You will walk away from this session feeling energized with a formulated plan to start amplifying your marketing efforts.

Who is a Backstage Pass For?

customer value journey

Founders & Entrepreneurs who want to avoid the painful “learning curves”

customer value journey

Business Owners who want to get unstuck and start growing again

customer value journey

Heads of Marketing who need support


To be a fit for the Backstage Pass, there are a few boxes you’ll need to check:

  • You must have an existing business with a product or service to sell. This is not a program to define a product or service.
  • You must be willing to take chances. Success in this program is dependent on testing and using what works in the real world.
  • You must have the time to commit. Do you have 30 minutes a day set aside to work towards the goals that we set? If not, then this program isn’t for you.

If you like what you see and you’re ready to take the next step, apply now.


Space is limited.